Intimal surgery

What is understood as intimal surgery?

Intimal surgery is understood as surgical invasion in the intimal area. Mainly operations on the labias, vagina and lower abdomen, i.e. pubic eminence, which result in eliminating disfunctioning or aesthetic deficits.

Functional disturbances in the intimal area are more frequent, than known up to now. Variations of the labias, often result in pain during sports activities, or during the sexual act. An overdimensioned vagina canal from births diminishes lusty sensations during sex. These are constraints which self assured women nowadays do not accept anymore.

Often genital operations / intimal operations re-establish or enhance lost sexual perceptions.

    Intimal surgery for:
  • Consequences of birth results
  • Reconstruction of the hymen
  • Reduction of pubic eminence
  • Correction of the labias (enlargement or reduction)
  • Narrowing of the vagina
  • Enlargement of the G-point
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